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Management Desk

Director General Message

India has one of the largest technical manpower in the world. However, compared to its population it is not significant and there is a tremendous scope of improvement in this area. In India, the emphasis has been on general education, with vocational education at the receiving end. This has resulted in large number of educated people remaining unemployed, this phenomenon has now been recognized by the planners and hence there is a greater thrust on vocationalization of education. Another shortcoming in the area of technical and vocational education is that till now, the number of engineers graduating is more than the diploma holders. This is creating an imbalance, as more work forces are required at the lower level. Hence more polytechnics and Institutes (ITIs) for industrial training are being opened now. Thus to cater the demand of the industry SDIMT Polytechnic was launched in 2010 under the region of Gurukul Mahavidyalaya.

We at SDIMT Polytechnic believe in creating an environment that fosters strong academic foundation focused on research, industry-academia interactions, and strategic collaborations. This provides a broad spectrum of career opportunities in Engineering industry, research, entrepreneurship and pursuing higher studies in the country or abroad. Well planned result oriented process, state-of-the art infrastructure, research oriented faculty are the true enablers in this quest. Amidst all this, we carve out time to balance academics with extra-curricular activities to give that additional dimension to all students. Come to SDIMT with your dreams/aspirations with the “I CAN” attitude we help you make it a reality.

Prof. S.C Dhamija

Joint Director Message

The curriculum of the Board has been designed to equip our students with all required skills to operate successfully in the organizations. We also aim to provide education on a strong moral foundation. I take this opportunity to invite the esteemed representatives of corporate organizations to visit our Campus and take a pick from the talented budding executives. I assure you that they will prove to be a great asset to your organization.

Mr. Mayank Chauhan
Joint Director